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French best-selling book shows that science proves the existence of God – Zenit

French best-selling book shows that science proves the existence of God – Zenit

A team of twenty experts brings together the latest scientific knowledge in 600 pages in which they bring together discoveries about the universe obtained over the past century, thus breaking down the divorce between science and religion. Scientific Proofs of God, a best-seller in France, defends irrationalism against materialism.

The book sparked great controversy in France after its publication in 2021. It has sold a quarter of a million copies to date. An English and Spanish translation has appeared in which the authors talk about evidence “beyond science.” It presents modern proofs of the existence of God along the lines of the trend of the last four centuries, from Copernicus to Freud, through Galileo and Darwin, during which scientific discoveries multiplied and called for an explanation of the universe without resorting to a Creator God.

The edited book presents disturbing facts about the miracle of Fatima or the Jewish people as God's chosen people, chapters that, according to the French weekly L'Express, would have motivated Nobel laureate in physics Robert W. Wilson, who discovered cosmic background radiation. With Arno Penzias, without signing the introduction.

Engineer Michel-Yves Bolloré and businessman Olivier Bonassis, who collaborated on the publication, told the EFE news agency: Absolute proofs exist only in mathematics, but the proofs are very strong (…) If God does not exist, the universe cannot have a beginning and must necessarily be eternal “.

The authors of the book talk about the theories of Einstein, Friedmann, Gödel, Watson and Crick, who discovered the structure of DNA. They also discuss “fine-tuning” by which if one of the fundamental numerical values ​​of the universe such as the force of gravity, the electromagnetic force, the speed of light, or the mass of a proton varied by 1% to one decimal place somewhere, “the universe would have turned into nothingness or chaos.”

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If God's existence is not present in public debate, it is because people believe it is unprovable. There are very smart people who believe in it, and there are also very smart people who do not believe in it. But scientific discoveries over the past hundred years have turned the question upside down. “, say the authors.

We've received a lot of criticism for adding a chapter about a miracle to a science book, but if anyone can give us one natural explanation for what happened, we will remove the book. », declares Mr. Bolloré, referring to the miracle of Fatima.

It is striking that publications with religious content appear and succeed, while with the exception of religious publishers there are very few publications on current religious issues. It is interesting to note how few novels are published about current religious affairs, especially Catholic ones.

The recent publication of the thesis “New scientific evidence for the existence of God” in VozdePapel, by José Carlos González Hurtado, is a new article that opens reading to the latest developments in physics and cosmology, which point to the existence of a Creator. . The author reminds us: “ There are only two possibilities, and one of the two alternatives is necessarily correct and the other is incorrect. Either God the Creator exists or he does not exist. There cannot be a third way, which is for God to exist but only a little, or for God to exist sometimes “.

In a society where the phone is king and where we read fewer books in recent years, it is good to know that the paper book format contributes to reflection on faith.

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