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“Les BB” show: behind the scenes with Ludovic Bourgeois

“Les BB” show: behind the scenes with Ludovic Bourgeois

In addition to the 11 members of his production team, Ludovic Bourgeois is often accompanied by his children, to whom he enjoys giving the tour. A trip behind the scenes of the show BB by Ludovic BourgeoisWhich makes the spectators relive the 80s fever.

“It's hard to have two children because my girlfriend is alone with them, but things are going well. It's a 'pleasure' to be able to make them experience it, even if they don't really understand what's going on,” explained Ludovic Bourgeois.

Maud Lareen Kieran

Even if they have a lot of fun, his kids' favorite moment isn't the show itself, the singer reveals. “It's really when we go to the restaurant!”

This also applies to adults. “A lot of times, we say that touring would be ‘fun’ if it weren’t for the ‘shows,’” he joked. “Shows” are obviously “fun,” but [en tournée]You go to hotels, you eat in restaurants, you are with your friends.

However, Patrick Bourgeois' son admitted that life on tour is not easy. “Fatigue builds up with the road and everything.”

This context also sparks funny moments with his team. He smiles as he remembers one evening when the truck ran out of gas on Highway 20 between Rimouski and Montmagny.

“We had to walk to the village of San Pascal di Camorasca to get a can of gasoline. In February, Rimouski is cold, very cold!” said the singer.

An “inexplicable” feeling.

On the road since February for this third career tour, Ludovic Bourgeois approaches the stage with more maturity, even if he is always nervous before he hits the stage.

“When the curtain comes down and we get started, those five minutes are something that is inexplicable. What is happening in our bodies, in our heads, is really inexplicable,” he described what he considered “the best moment of the evening.”

If he takes his viewers back to the 1980s by singing BB's biggest “hits”, Ludovic Bourgeois, 31, never lived that era. Did he want to experience tourism during these years?

The singer says he's nostalgic for the freedom that “live streaming” without a camera offers.

“Now, as soon as you make a simple mistake, everything is filmed, all the time. You have to be at your best all the time, and that's okay, but I find that it leaves less room for freedom and spontaneity.”

The fact remains that he appreciates the fact that technology makes it possible to disseminate works and increase sound quality.

a tour BB by Ludovic Bourgeois It continues until 2025.