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Biomorph: Lucid Dreams Studio announces its new game

Fight monsters and then steal their form and power in the new Metroidvania game from Soulslike. Meet strange characters, rebuild a city, and uncover the secrets of an ancient civilization as well as your mysterious origins.

(Image credit: Lucid Dreams)

Lucid Dream Indie studio today announced the new action-adventure game Biomorph. Biomorph is a dark and action packed 2D game set in a sprawling hand-drawn world where enemies are everywhere. Biomorph is also similar to spirits, Metroidvania, so eliminating all enemies will not be easy.

More game details

In Biomorph, players must use their talents to explore a vast and dark world. Solve puzzles, navigate platforms, fight deadly monsters and shape them to seize their power. However, every defeated monster can come back stronger and with new powers, so never let your guard down.

Players will be required to rebuild Blightmoor City. To get there, they will have to befriend the residents by learning more about their origins and the origins of the city. Players will be able to improve their character by fighting in the vast and monster-infested areas of the city. This will allow them to collect new abilities, memories, and schemes.

The adventure should reveal surprising and disturbing facts about the origins of our hero. Biomorph is set for 2023 on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Here’s what you can do in Biomorph:

  • Incarnate enemies by killing them and taking their shape. Players will be able to use their skills to fight other enemies or use their power to navigate uncharted territories.
  • Battle through a challenging AI system where previously imitated creatures unlock new powers to create a unique experience while revisiting game regions.
  • Explore a vast, non-linear and interconnected world of 16 different environments, home to optional boss fighters, NPCs, tons of secrets, and upgrades to reward the most daring explorer.
  • Choose a fighting style using an arsenal of melee and long range weapons, each with their own upgrade trees, to punch and shoot enemies.
  • Create different combos to support individual playstyles by equipping and combining different unique skills that you can upgrade.
  • Customize the look of the game’s main hub, Blightmoor, to have a unique experience and feel right at home.
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