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Bianca from L’île de l’amour after watching the shows: “I really didn’t expect it”

Bianca from L’île de l’amour after watching the shows: “I really didn’t expect it”

Bianca was definitely the biggest social media casualty this season Love Island.

Production had to step in to calm things down.

The young woman was surprised to see the episodes with the other girls as she left the adventure.

I really didn’t expect this “, as you say. ” While watching the shows, I realized that there were conversations that were out of context. At the end of our day with Victor, when we went to the beach, Victor told Syed, then Victor told the guys and I told the girls it was just friendship between us. It’s things like you’re like, “He could have shown it,” but at the same time it’s a TV show. »

Cedric goes on to say, The fifteen times they say it’s friendship, they don’t show it, but the one time they say there’s attraction, they’ll put it on display… “.

In an interview with Us, Sky said she was also bitter about her friend’s portrayal. ” It surprised me how they made Bianca look. It shocked me! She appears as a mixed person in her head. It seems that she is not honest with people, although she was the most transparent girl. There were no gray areas with Bianca, they were there for everyone. »

Remember, Victor and Emily also advocated for Bianca tooth and nail. More details here.

As for the hate that Bianca is a victim of on social media, the main interested party says this: “ I did not go to inspect and dig there. I don’t think that’s a good thing, but I sure see things here and there. I can’t say it doesn’t affect me at all. It wasn’t necessarily easy. Plus, back there, there were a lot of things going on in my personal life, too. »

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Cédric points out that people’s reactions are very different on the web than on the streets. ” When you meet real people in Quebec, they are friendly and nice. They say they loved us etc., while the internet is so negative. »

Note that Bianca and Cedric do not officially consider themselves a couple. ” We are not a couple, but we see each other outside. We are progressing well, coping with our daily lives. We’ll see where it takes us says Bianca.

Cedric adds: We do not pressure ourselves and see day by day how two realities can coexist “.

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