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National Day: Margo, Garo, Petit Bellevue, and Over me will be part of the party!

National Day: Margo, Garo, Petit Bellevue, and Over me will be part of the party!

Margot, Garou, Isabelle Boulay, Fouqui and Scott Bean Picard, among others, will take part in the big show From Quebec National Day in Montreal, which this year will take place in Maisonneuve Park, near the Botanical Garden and the Olympic Park.

The June 24 festivities will once again be hosted by Pierre-Yves Lourdes, who will once again don his “DJ” hat at the end of the evening.

Melissa Bedard, Soldia, and her sidekick Jay Jay, as well as Lydia Kepinski, Betty Beliveau and Justin Bouleh will also be in on the big national holiday. Qualité Motel will make sure to keep the crowd dancing until midnight.

Pierre-Yves Lord will host the National Day Parade in Montreal on June 24, at Maisonneuve Park.  Mario Beauregard/QMI Agency

Mario Beauregard/QMI Agency

“Caught” – Pierre-Yves Lord

Animated for the second year in a row, Pierre-Yves Lord admitted Monday, at the program’s unveiling, that he “got what” last year when he animated big show On the Place des Festivals, in the Quartier des Spectacles.

“These are special energies that must be experienced for a group of human beings on stage and for spectators as well. There is a really strong exchange of energy and vibrations,” he told QMI, noting that he was in a bubble for more than a week after the show.

“I feel lucky to be there again this year,” he also said, explaining that he particularly loved watching Quebec songstresses Margaux and Isabelle Boulay rub shoulders on the same stage alongside Lydia Kepinski or Soldia. “To see all these bags rubbing shoulders on stage, I find it honestly beautiful,” he said with stars in his eyes.

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At the end of the evening, the host will once again present a 100% Quebec DJ set. However, Pierre-Yves Lourdes does not yet know exactly what songs he will play, he will probably play some great classics by Celine Dion, Diane Dufresne, BB, but also Rap Cube and Rigodones.

“It’s really going to go everywhere. We’re going to dive into the music that Quebecers love. There might also be little discoveries, but we’re going to move the world.”

“Last year I was expecting it to be quiet, playing to a small, sparse crowd heading to the subway, but in the end everyone was still hanging on the fence screaming about BBs,” he added with a laugh, stressing that for him, this annual requiem The large one served, moreover, above all as an excuse to share “the love of Quebec and the Francophonie and to please everyone around us.”

March return

The traditional Saint-Jean parade will return to the streets of Montreal on June 24. Allegorical floats will especially celebrate First Nations, animated balconies, seasons of gourmet, performing arts, and Quebec creativity, as well as highlighting 75H Memory of Flordelize.

Under the theme “Dance of Happiness”, and also Pride, Culture and Land, the parade will begin at the corner of St. Joseph Street and Molson Street at 1:30 pm and will end at the intersection of Pie-IX and Sherbrooke Streets near Maisonneuve Park.

In all, more than 350 artists from various disciplines and 200 extras will take part in this show.

Parc Maisonneuve will come alive just before 1pm to rehearse the show.

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The big show of Quebec City National Day in Montreal will be broadcast live, on June 24, on ICI Télé and TVA, as well as on Hertz Waves on Cogeco Média, RYTHME and CIME stations, as well as on 96.9 CKOI, approximately 8:30 p.m.

Neighborhood parties

Many neighborhood parties will be organized on the sidelines of the National Day. Depending on the neighborhoods and neighborhoods, there will be family activities, big tables, and artistic and cultural activities organized on June 23 and 24.

Therefore, different programs must be monitored.