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Between $300 and $2,675 from Honda to 14,500 Quebecers victims of discolored paint

Between $300 and $2,675 from Honda to 14,500 Quebecers victims of discolored paint

More than $11 million will be paid to Honda Civic and Acura CSX owners in Quebec who saw their cars' paint deteriorate prematurely.

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For several days, owners who participated in the class action lawsuit aimed at compensating Honda owners whose paint deteriorated prematurely have been awarded between $300 and $2,675 to compensate for peeling varnish and paint, as part of the class action settlement concluded in 2022 with the company. Honda Canada.

“If you own or have owned a Honda Civic (2006-2013) or Acura CSX (2006-2011) in Quebec, and you experience and notice premature paint deterioration, noticeable or insignificant, you may be entitled to compensation,” we read on the class action website. .

This means 14,500 Quebecers will receive a payment from Honda. Eligible vehicles are 2006-2013 Civics and 2006-2011 Acura CSXs.

Many owners had to be patient, because it took almost two years to see the color of their money. “We filed the application in 2018. Class actions always take a long time. It is difficult to schedule attendance at court and the procedures are long,” explains Eric Bertrand, lawyer at CBL et Associés.

“We don't get paid more because it lasts, we have no interest in making it last, it's just the judicial machine that has to follow its course and we have to abide by that,” explains Eric Bertrand.

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The claim period was from September 30, 2022 to March 31, 2023. According to Honda, this is essentially compensation for the loss of resale.

Between $6,000 and $8,000

Restoring a car that has suffered this depreciation costs between $6,000 and $8,000. According to Fix Auto Sherbrooke Director Francis Boulanger Newspaper Interviewed When the class action lawsuit is announced, many owners will take the check, but will not make the repairs.

Since the problem does not reduce the vehicle's reliability or increase the risk of rust, it is purely cosmetic. He stated that the owners had been living with an aesthetically deprived car for several years.

According to Eric Bertrand, Honda showed “minimal cooperation” but lawyers were forced to return to court after the decision to discuss disagreements regarding the interpretation of the ruling.

Premature, noticeable or insignificant paint deterioration may take the form of discolouration or peeling spots, also called “delamination”.