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Documentary |  Liz Dionne feared the worst during her heart attack

Documentary | Liz Dionne feared the worst during her heart attack

“I was afraid of dying. Honestly.” Liz Dion feared the worst last fall, when she had a heart attack on stage.

The comedian revisited this incident in Liz Dionne, 35 years of accomplicean hour-long documentary airing Mondays on TVA.

In the last five minutes of the retrospective, the comedian emotionally recounted her evening on November 3, 2023 at the Zénith de Saint-Eustache, when, under the lights, she felt unwell as the curtain rose. “I was trying to say to the world: 'I don't know how it starts anymore…' but the world was laughing because they thought it was part of the show… but I was having a heart attack. »

Had to cancel performance, 337H After a tour – her last of her career – which was scheduled to end after a month, Liz Dion was hospitalized. The 68-year-old comedian explained that the event was difficult because she felt like she was abandoning her fans, in front of the lens of Chloe Mercier.

Because even when you're sick, even when you've got the flu, even when you've got that scary bronchitis… I've always made people laugh.

Lisa Dionne

Today, Liz Dionne says she's “taking precautions” to stay healthy, “which includes taking some time off from work.” “I don't want to die right away,” she said, holding back tears. I have other things to do. I still have my laundry in the cleaners! I don't want to die right away. »

Liz Dion has no plans to end her tour. She noted that she was “happy to be alive” and that she would “miss people's laughter.”

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Documentary Liz Dionne, 35 years of accomplice Revisits the notable numbers of the former Dunkin' Donuts waitress. Yvonne Deschamps, Louise Richer, François Lévilliers, Michel Courtemanche and Catherine Levac also participated in the show, and it was produced by 6H Sens Télévision in collaboration with Quebecor Content, presented as a catch-up program on TVA+.