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Below is the list of devices that will receive the update in early 2024

Below is the list of devices that will receive the update in early 2024

We now know the first Xiaomi devices that will benefit from the new HyperOS overlay are here in early 2024. Smartphones, of course, but also tablets.

At the end of October, after an announcement a few days ago, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi unveiled the new HyperOS overlay, replacing MIUI. It is more than just a new interface on smartphones; it aims to spread it on them The entire Xiaomi ecosystem and harmonize its work. TVs, connected watches, cars… This includes introducing a unique system, among other things, to ensure better interoperability between Xiaomi devices. to’Artificial intelligence It is also involved in connected objects in particular. They will proactively make decisions for you e.g.

On mobile, the innovations are still little known, but they start from the installation since the system will take up less space than any other overlay. It will be lighter than “stock” Android, 8.75 GB In total. We already know that the upcoming Xiaomi 14 will feature HyperOS right out of the box, while other Chinese models will benefit from it around December this year. To get the global version, you have to wait First half of 2024We now know which devices will be serviced first.

These Xiaomi devices will receive HyperOS with us in early 2024

In addition to the Xiaomi 14 phone, here is the list of devices that will receive HyperOS 1.0 with us in the first 4 months of 2024, without further details at the moment:

It’s no surprise that Xiaomi’s latest smartphones (and tablet) are affected. However, we note the absence of the Xiaomi 11T Pro. This doesn’t mean it won’t get HyperOS later, just like other models. Internally, the developers are working on improving the overlay, as can be seen from the version numbers spotted on Xiaomi’s official servers. None displays 1.0, but rather or as the case may be.

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The company has not yet confirmed the European release date of the Xiaomi 14. We will definitely have to wait until February or March 2024, which may coincide with the simultaneous rollout of HyperOS on other smartphones. The answer is theoretically after the vacation.

source : GSM China