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Artist Richard Bona and politician Celestine Djamin rip themselves off the canvas about politics

The two personalities violently hit each other below the belt by exchanging messages posted on the social network Facebook, and it was even more difficult on Friday, August 27, 2021. In the background, divergence of views on political issues, where issues of insults, ego and legitimacy are intertwined in the political arena.

political news in Cameroon Dominate the movement leader’s funeral this weekend «AGIR-ACT », Christian Penda Ekoca،, which will move to its last home on Saturday, August 28, 2021 in dido to me doula (Littoral). However, two characters from the Cameroonian public space are in the process of holding on to each other around the corpse of a former ally of Maurice Kamto, President Cameroon Renaissance Movement (MRC). This is the famous guitarist Richard Bona headRepublican National Alliance (APAR), Celestine Jamin.

The two people dealt violent blows to each other below the belt, by exchanging messages posted on the social network Facebook for a few days. Ping-pong is full of insults, intrigue, and issues of ego and legitimacy in the political space.

It all started with a message that Richard Bona posted on August 25 on Twitter, declaring his surrender in the fight for political change in Cameroon. ” I am a citizen of Free Africa…I have believed in it for years, but it is a lost cause…I will officially leave this fight…Good way “advertise” Ninja “.

Tweet about the origin of the quarrel (c) CIN

A message rightly interpreted by Celestine Damen, in Thursday’s Facebook analysis, as a capitulation to the musician not without a penalty kick. ” Didn’t I expect that since I resigned??? But ZOUH-AVES will remain ZOUH-AVES and the deaf will remain deaf … In any case, a blind woman and a deaf husband do not have much to share. What would the sublime Richard Bona have had to share with you? “, the former Executive Director of the Medical Research Council, commented that he spent an ordeal with his former supporters.

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An intervention that Richard Bona did not appreciate at all and did not refrain from being a politician: We don’t respond to poorly dressed droppings waiting to be called to the smelly feeder ».

Last Friday, the verbal escalation between the two sides increased. The APAR chief has taken a new outing challenging Bona’s legitimacy to talk politics, claiming to be his predecessor on the matter. ” In political matters, I invite you to hide, even if you admire your ardent amateurs. I’m no equal in politics, I’m not even your father or your grandfather, if I used a generational metaphor, I’d rather be your grandfather. ‘ replied the former Mercist.

And Richard Bona to return to the accusation: “Politics is not a job… No. Politics is a civic engagement towards your people… Not looking for me APAR…”He responded in a message accompanied by a video of him mocking Celestine Djamin by parodying a Bob Marley song.

It is important to note that Richard Bona is a sympathizer of the Moroccan Red Crescent and a big fan of its president, Maurice Kamto.

Message from Djamen to Bona:

Mr. Ni Ja Ni – Ganga (must be examined carefully). Africans, and Cameroonians in particular, take great pride in your mastery of music. They will be forever grateful to you for the beautiful image you give them on the world stage in this matter. So a serious guy can’t argue with your artistic talent, and certainly not the run.

Even if I’m wrong in good faith, I can’t love you, drowning in cipher Taliban eschatology where you use words like KK and others… Wasted, unworthy of you and your prestige because to talk about politics you are less than kk. As long as politics remains an art, my dear sir, the ranting of a ninja will always be like spitting out a poison-deprived cobra.

You seem to confuse excitement with commitment. Your rampage is a lot like the frantic, jerky swaying of a mbuli dancer facing the wonderful move of Michael Jackson’s band. Ignorance is a true disease, but it can be cured. Your quickly deleted tweet doesn’t make you dishonest, it makes you a political kid looking out for yourself. You will succeed, though, but with a lot of perseverance.

Get rid of “Afghans” only because their rate of harmful contamination is greater than that of chikunguna.

Happy day to you my dear brother

Bona’s line in the song: