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Australia to call the island of Canberra Queen Elizabeth II

Australia to call the island of Canberra Queen Elizabeth II

The Prime Minister of Australia announced on January 1 that he would change the name of Elizabeth II in honor of the Platinum Jubilee of Aspen Island in Burley Griffin Lake, Canberra.

In a few more months, the Australian capital will be “Queen Elizabeth Island”. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that Aspen Island, an artificial island actually located in Burley Griffin Lake in the heart of the capital, will be renamed during his Platinum Jubilee, in memory of the Sovereign.

A ‘Platinum Jubilee Lighthouse’ will illuminate Canberra

King of Great Britain and the United Kingdom of Northern Ireland, Elizabeth II He ruled Australia after his father, King George VI, in 1952. “National Carillon (founded there, editor’s note) was officially opened by His Majesty in 1970, so Aspen Island is natural. It will be renamed in recognition of his many years of service to Australia, ”Scott Morrison said in a statement on Tuesday.There is As of January 2022, the report “Canberra Times The festival will include the new Queen Elizabeth Aquarius, which will transform nearby shores and improve water quality. Other celebrations are planned to mark the 70th.e Anniversary of the Throne: The release of commemorative stamps and coins, the lighting of monuments across the country and the “Platinum Jubilee Lighthouse in Canberra”. “Seventy years of service is truly a tremendous achievement and we are proud to join other Commonwealth countries in celebrating this milestone. His Majesty has always had a deep affection and close bond with the Australian people,” he added.

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“The Canberra Times” recalled that the island of Aspen was formed from materials excavated during the construction of the artificial lake Burley Griffin – after the construction of a dam on the river that runs through the center of the capital – which was completed in 1964. As a gift from the British government to mark Canberra’s 50th anniversary, National Caroline has a 50 meter high tower with 55 bells. During her inauguration, Queen Elizabeth II declared: “Their reconciliation will be a reminder of the lasting relationship between Great Britain and Australia”. A section of the road south of Burley Griffin Lake was renamed “Queen Elizabeth Terrace” in 2012 to mark its Diamond Jubilee, the store said in a statement.

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