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How Taylor Swift's Concert Tour Boosts Australia's Economy

How Taylor Swift's Concert Tour Boosts Australia's Economy

Thousands of fans gathered at Accor Stadium in Sydney on February 23 for the first concert of Taylor Swift's 'The Eras Tour'.
Australian Associated Press

Decryption – Hotel nights, airline tickets…beyond the derivative products accumulated by the fans, the US superstar's “The Eras Tour” is generating economic benefits of hundreds of millions of dollars in the continent.

In Sydney's Olympic district, the area around Sydney's Accor Stadium is usually deserted outside of match or concert days. However, for several days, thousands of “Swifties” dedicated to fans of American singer Taylor Swift, have flocked there to pick up products from her sixth world tour, “The Eras Tour.”

After winning three nights in a row in front of 96,000 fans in Melbourne last week who flocked to see their idol – who by her own admission has never performed in front of such a large audience – superstar Taylor Swift performed a series from Friday evening. Four concerts at Akkar Stadium in Sydney, where the final of the Women's Soccer World Cup was held a few months ago.

Before that first concert, Julia and her daughters, Eleni and Catherine, waited in line for nearly an hour in the late summer drizzle, wearing a sweatshirt and eight…

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