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Australia: 40,000 hectares of forest vital to koalas could soon disappear

Australia: 40,000 hectares of forest vital to koalas could soon disappear

From 2022, koalas across much of Australia’s east coast are officially considered “endangered”, with the animals suffering the effects of bushfires, drought and disease. It doesn’t look like their troubles will end anytime soon.

41,000 hectares have been affected due to logging

including environmental lawyers North East Forest AllianceThey say 41,000 hectares of areas important to koalas have been identified for potential logging in New South Wales.

The new 12-month logging program comes amid growing pressure on the state government to stop cutting native forests. Unions want him to follow the example of neighboring state Victoria. The latter announced that the cutting of native forest will end in December, six years ahead of schedule.

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“New South Wales Governments and Commonwealth Stop logging in areas they have identified as critical habitat for koalas.”Northeast Forest Alliance president Dylan Book said in a press release.

According to him, 41,000 hectares of these are future areas Great Koala National Park, and large tracts of forest such as Doubleduke. About 9,000 hectares are already deforested areas.

“Despite being identified as the most important koala habitat we know of, these areas continue to be exploited.”He declared.

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Conciliation efforts by the government and a logging company

In the face of growing opposition, a spokesperson for the New South Wales Forestry Agency (NSW Institute of Forestry) said the activities have gone through detailed planning processes including environmental studies and mapping “To identify and protect environmental features”.

New South Wales Environment Minister Benny Sharp sought reassurance: “The Government wants to establish the Great Koala National Park as soon as possible. While the process is being established, the Environment Protection Commission has approached the Forestry Corporation of NSW to encourage them to adopt a precautionary approach when carrying out forestry activities in areas critical to koalas”.

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For her part, Federal Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek said regional forestry agreements must comply with new national environmental standards developed as part of broader reforms of laws in this area.

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“We are committed to reforming Australia’s environmental laws. These laws no longer work, she said. The Endangered species Koalas, sugar gliders and great gliders are affected by the logging of native forests.”

Before finishing: “We also know there are economic benefits to protecting native forests. This can increase conservation Carbon and water production, enabling co-management with First Nations and creating jobs through wildlife management and forest restoration”.

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