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In Iowa, the showdown between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis begins

In Iowa, the showdown between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis begins

Ron DeSantis’s text is one-part, with no introduction or conclusion. The speech is delivered in an unaffected voice, even when the mother nurse talks about her childhood when the father installs boxes to measure television viewers. As he reads the assembly instructions.

Republican sympathizers gathered at an evangelical church west of Des Moines, Iowa, on Tuesday, May 30, but were satisfied. After a confusing virtual launch on Twitter a few days ago, they saw the real start of the Florida governor’s presidential campaign. Ron DeSantis allowed short breaths as the audience cheered him on. There was applause when he spoke about education.

Speaking in front of a large American flag, the candidate touted his legislative record in Florida and emphasized his fight against it. “Awakened Ideology” And this “Cultural Marxism”. Ron DeSantis explained“No American should participate in the Vocational Olympics in order to get a job or attend school.” Obscene images in children’s books, parental right to monitor educational curriculum,“Sermon”. An emphasis appreciated by the public, white and rather old. In a theme the former president never appreciated, he has drawn up a strategy to catch Donald Trump, the favorite of primary contenders.

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It’s no surprise that DeSantis chose Iowa to start his field campaign. Republican voters in this Midwestern state will cast their first ballots in primaries in late January 2024, just ahead of voters in New Hampshire. Their decision, formalized in hundreds of public meetings (caucuses), does not necessarily predict the final outcome of the primaries. In 2016, Texas Senator Ted Cruz won Iowa and was swept by Donald Trump. But the state will be a decisive test of other contenders’ ability to trouble the politically and judicially embattled former president.

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“We must end the culture of failure that has infected the Republican Party in recent years.”, emphasized Ron DeSantis. He plans to pour a lot of time and money into Iowa through his super PAC (public action group) Never Back Down. Its people appreciate their special status in this national competition. All competitors are expected on the state’s roads this week. Classic arrival, full rooms. But interest is not worth supporting.

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