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At Nintendo, profits soared and nearly 85 million switches were sold

At Nintendo, profits soared and nearly 85 million switches were sold

The pandemic will definitely be profitable for Nintendo: According to the company’s latest tax data, unveiled on Thursday, the Japanese video game giant’s recent fiscal year saw the Japanese video game giant increase its revenue nearly 35% in one year, rising to $ 16.2 billion. Profits increased 85.7% to 4.4 billion during the same period.

The incarceration, during the first, and possibly the second, wave of the pandemic, greatly contributed to the company’s good fortune. At the start of the crisis, Nintendo had already launched Animal Crossing: New Horizons, And is the latest installment in the popular “light” management and adventure series. The title, occurring on an island with a semi-paradisiac climate, with friendly neighbors in general, and allowing in particular to park or fish, has proven the perfect antidote to the gloom that accompanies the sudden stop of a good portion of life in the community, with workplaces, schools and non-essential businesses closed. .

In fact, nearly 21 million (20.85 million) copies of this game were found by buyers during the fiscal year ending last March. Then follow Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (10.63 million) and Ring fit for adventure (7.38 million) on Nintendo’s Original Bestselling titles during this period.

The set reissued Super Mario 3D All-Star, Sold 9.01 million copies.

It wasn’t just the games that caused the outrage. Keyboards, too, have sold in the millions. In fact, hardware sales grew 37.1% year-over-year, with 28.83 million units sold. In total, nearly 85 million switches have been purchased by consumers since its launch.

Switch Lite, the console’s portable-only version, has sold 8.51 million copies, compared to the original 20.32 million that can be installed and connected to a TV.

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