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RTL Today - Smartphones: The first images of the iPhone 14 have been leaked

RTL Today – Smartphones: The first images of the iPhone 14 have been leaked

Every year, the release of a new iPhone causes a lot of reactions. And in the months leading up to its release, rumors still circulated. This week, as so often in years, images leaked revealing details of the upcoming smartphone’s design.

Thanks to the large community of “dropouts”, we often find out in advance what changes will be made to new smartphones of the Apple brand. And if we believe the leaked photos from the “SaranByte” Twitter account, there is one change in particular that should not leave netizens indifferent.

In fact, according to the widely reported publication since its publication, Pro models of the new iPhone should see the ‘notch’ disappear In favor of what is described as pills and punches by the specialized media.

Good news for many impatient users. And yes, because competing brands were able to remove this kind of notch several years ago (Samsung for example).

But these photos do more than confirm this design change. In fact, it also confirms two other rumors related to Borders that need to be 20% thinner Especially the release of a iPhone 14 Max. And if this version is confirmed, he will surely sign The end of the iPhone Mini who have failed to impress them in recent years.

Many other rumors circulate around new color marketing (lavender-purple according to Meiwo), Enhanced sharpness of images from the Pro . group (The 48MP sensor will replace the old 12MP sensor), Touch ID is backAnd Lightning port optimization or New slide release (A16) which will now be reserved for the iPhone Pro.

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