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As for her treatments: Celine Dion will spend over $50,000 a month

As for her treatments: Celine Dion will spend over $50,000 a month

Celine Dion spends more than 40,000 euros a month (about 57,000 Canadian dollars) to relieve the symptoms of her rigorous illness.

This is what the magazine reports public A few days after the Quebec singer canceled all her concerts until 2024. Since announcing her condition in December 2022, Celine has had to postpone her return to the spotlight more than once.

public He also confirms that the muscle spasms that afflicted the world’s greatest singer will reach her throat, causing paralysis of part of her vocal cords and even modifying her voice.

Thus, the spasms caused by this rare disease contribute to the difficulty in breathing normally. but public She goes further by saying that Celine will have difficulty eating.

The publication reports that she will spend more than 40,000 euros a month on injections to relieve her symptoms. This immunoglobulin therapy will relieve muscle spasms, but it will be painful.

Tough year for our Celine

It’s definitely a tough year for Celine Dion, her movie love again Not quite at the box office this spring, it was recently reported that the relationship between the 55-year-old singer and her eldest son, René-Charles, 22, has been underway. It won’t look good. She also had two other sons, Nelson and Eddie, who are now 12 years old, with her late husband, producer Rene Angélil. The latter passed away on January 14, 2016.

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