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“Hush, We’re Shooting!”: Claudine Mercier, Scene After Retirement

“Hush, We’re Shooting!”: Claudine Mercier, Scene After Retirement

Claudine Mercier has been retired for almost five years, and will return to the stage this summer in the Quebec adaptation of the popular French play “Silence, on tourne!”.

A return to the stage would not have been possible without the confidence she has in Emanuel Reichenbach, who signed the adaptation, but also a longtime friend and collaborator, and the Encore Spectacle, whose tours he once produced.

A few weeks before the premiere, the 61-year-old comedian, who is also an illustrator and illustrator, said she was excited to find the stage, and especially the audience. “It’s been such a long time since I’ve done a scene, it’s funny. I can’t wait to find that energy again,” she told QMI, explaining that she “found so much fun” getting back into action and being able to “live this beautiful gang journey.”

Away from the limelight since the end of her last tour in 2018, Claudine Mercier has taken a long time to breathe and do something else. She said she and a friend wrote a children’s play that will be shown a little later, but not earlier than 2024. She also agreed to do illustrations for a children’s book, which she plans to work on this summer between performances.

“I love children and when you write to them the joy is that anything is possible.[…] I also have a lot of fun drawing and creating characters. I also found out how to work with the iPad and various gadgets. The comedian replied, “I like the score you made, but it sure takes a lot of time.”

Although she would like to try to write some “jokes” this summer “just to watch”, Claudine Mercier does not know if one day, concretely, she wants to tempt the devil again with a new comedy show. “It’s been a long time since I wrote jokes. I’m a little rusty. She confirmed that she would remain open about what could happen to her.

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“I don’t plan. I do as it comes. I listen to my instincts,” the actress declared, adding that just hearing laughter in the theater was enough to revive her interest in the profession each time.

A leading partnership of the Gilles Vignault Theater

“Silence turned! It is a comedy that has a beautiful originality in its structure. There are behind-the-scenes dramas, love triangles, and little intrigues that always run around alternating with this little portrayal, which never works out in the end and is more messy than Anything else.During a rehearsal in front of the media.

The story of the play takes place in a theatre, and is run by the film crew, who shoot a movie there. Obviously nothing goes like clockwork. Catherine Proulx-Lemay plays the mechanic, Michel-Olivier Girard the director and Marc Saint-Martin the assistant director who will guide the audience during filming, because in a way the spectators will become extras in the film.

Roger Leger, Catherine Paquin-Bechard, and Louis-Olivier Moffet star as actors, while Catherine Polian plays a private make-up artist who can’t seem to understand French.

Emmanuel Reichenbach, who has adapted “Sainte-Marie-la-Mauderne” in 2022, intends to continue his momentum and continue working with the Théâtre Gilles-Vigneault in Saint-Jérôme for as long as possible. He is currently working on the next play that will be shown in these venues next year.

The Quebec adaptation of the comedy “Silence, on tourne!” Directed by Charles Dauphinis and produced by Encore Spectacle in association with Just for Laughs, from June 23 to August 12 at the Théâtre Gilles-Vigneault in Saint-Jerome.

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