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'Maria Chapdelaine' premiere: gorgeous and captivating

‘Maria Chapdelaine’ premiere: gorgeous and captivating

It took a fair amount of trust and some confidence to come up with a new movie adaptation Maria ChapdelinThis homegrown classic has already been shown on the big screen three times in the past. But director Sebastien Bellot has managed to sign a captivating and fascinating film that offers a fresh look at Louis Hemmon’s novel.

‘s story Maria ChapdelinEveryone knows it or almost. The film takes us to the beginning of 1910, to the landing on the banks of the Pripunca River, near Lake Saint-Jean. In this secluded place in the middle of the woods, Samuel Chapdelin (Sebastian Ricard) chose to settle with his family. With the help of his wife Laura (Helen Florent) and their six children, he works tirelessly to clear his land, trying as best he can to survive the long, harsh winters.

Although Maria (Sarah Monpetite), the eldest daughter of the Chapdelians, is only 17 years old, she already faces horrific dilemmas, when three suitors are ready to make the big request.

While the previous three adaptations of Louis Haimon’s novel have focused more on the love story between Maria Chapdelain and François Paradis (his favorite fiancé, played by Emile Schneider), Sebastien Bellot’s film focuses more on the resilience of this family that made the difficult choice. Living in the middle of the forest instead of settling comfortably in the village. Mariah’s emotional quest occupies an important place in the story, but it does not form the main material for this authentic and realistic portrait of rural Quebec in the 2000s.

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He himself is a native of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Sebastien Bellot (the sellerInstead, use this story to explore topics dear to him, such as family unity and a sense of duty. Beautifully portrayed by cinematographer Michel La Vaux, nature is also treated as a central character in the film, cruel and violent during the winter, then gentle and liberating during the summer.

The slow, meditative rhythm of the film, carefully installed by Pilote, is well tamed, even if there are some lengths mid-cycle (the feature film lasts 2 hours 38). The director recommended a sober, but very elegant setting, in particular avoiding the pitfalls of melodrama. A special reference to the wonderful music of Philip Brault who always supports the dramatic moments in a subtle way.

Bilott also made a bold but highly profitable choice, entrusting the role of Maria Chapdelin to a young, novice actress: Sarah Monpetite. She has the same age as the character in the novel (unlike the actresses of the previous versions, who were much older), she is distinguished by her purity and naturalness in acting. performance.

Drama by Sebastian Pilot

With Sarah Monpetite, Helen Florent, Sebastien Ricard, Emile Schneider and Antoine Olivier Bellon

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