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Shortage of US Customs officers at the Canadian border

Shortage of US Customs officers at the Canadian border

(Washington) Members of Congress are increasingly concerned about a so-called shortage of US customs officers at the Canadian border.

New York State Democrat Brian Higgins says U.S. Customs and Border Protection personnel are being deployed temporarily to tighten the border with Mexico.

Mr. Trump represents the state’s district in the House that includes Buffalo and Niagara Falls, near the Canadian border. Higgins believes that as a result, busy ports of entry along the Canada-US border are understaffed and experiencing long delays. gates.

However, he says, cross-border traffic between Ontario and New York state is still only 85% of what it was before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Republican lawmakers are also concerned, with several writing to Customs and Border Protection last month asking for details on staffing levels that they fear are increasing illegal crossings.

A spokeswoman for Montana Rep. Matt Rosendale said the Customs Service has not yet responded to their request for information.

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