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Are nurses paid 50% more to work on weekends?

Are nurses paid 50% more to work on weekends?

While that The Interprofessional Health Federation of Quebec (FIQ) was quick to reject the government’s improved salary offer yesterdayFIQ President Julie Bouchard confirms that nurses want to receive 50% of their additional salary for working on weekends.

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The validity of this request was questioned by the program’s host, Emmanuelle Latravers The outcomeMI Bouchard confirms that this is indeed what health workers want.

The head of FIQ answers unequivocally: “Certainly, it is a request from 80,000 healthcare professionals.”

She explains that during the pandemic “rewards have been coming from all quarters, from all quarters,” and that during this period the government seemed to have “a lot of money for overtime.”

In the current negotiations, M. said:I Bouchard states that if health workers had to “suffer the inconvenience of work every weekend [leur] Career”, they want “50% more than [leur] The daily salary so that we can compensate for this disadvantage.”

Without “the desire to engage in demagoguery,” M. saidI Latraverse couldn’t help but set things right with other employees doing other jobs who also have to work weekends.

“There are people who work on weekends and do not receive 50% higher wages,” teases the journalist.

To which the head of FIQ responds, saying: “There are many professions, mostly male, who earn more than 50% of their regular salary when they work on the weekend.”

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MI Bouchard remains categorical: This request is non-negotiable.

“Is this a strong request? Yes. Will we support it until the end? The answer is yes,” she confirms.

***Watch the excerpt from Julie Bouchard’s interview on Le Bilan in the video above***