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Gastronomy: Quebec chefs want to get together

Gastronomy: Quebec chefs want to get together

Hard hit by the coronavirus, Quebec chefs want to form a collective group to be heard better and to promote local gastronomy.

“It is important to have a group that reflects the needs of independent production and catering.” Charles Antoine Crete, head chef and owner of Montreal Plaza, explained during a press conference on Friday that there are other associations, but we want something that resembles our reality.

The mission of the organization, named Le Collectif de la gastronomie québécoise, will be to develop specialist production in Quebec and democratize gastronomy so that it can reach the general public more effectively.

“For us, the important thing is to protect the knowledge that we have built over several years.” “It is so fragile, and it would be a shame for the next generation of workers not to be able to save it,” said Norman Lapress, the chef and owner of Le Toqué.

The founders of the collective action organization hope it will have 1,000 restaurants in Quebec by 2026.

Also attending the press conference, Economy Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon said the project was attracting the interest of the Legault government, which would be willing to support it.

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