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Anne Soleil Proto has been hospitalized due to COVID-19

Anne Soleil Proto has been hospitalized due to COVID-19

Anne Soleil Proto has been hospitalized with COVID-19 after the holiday. The TV and radio presenter shared a long post on social networks, explaining how to regain strength and improve. If she did not want to publicize her condition, she explains that she did so to thank viewers – in particular Salut Bonjour – who were many who were concerned about her absence and asked for her news.

She writes: “After the holidays, I got COVID-19. I had all three vaccinations because of my fragile lungs, I caught the virus in the countryside, and I saw no one else but the people I passed while jogging in the woods.

She adds, “In my case, COVID-19 was at first like a bad cold: It wasn’t fun, but it was good. Except it ended up degenerating. One evening, I had so much weakness, I fell. I couldn’t breathe normally.” , I coughed as if my lungs and heart were going out of my body, and I ended up in the hospital. I learned that COVID-19 had given me pneumonia and water around my heart. The past few weeks have been a serpentine ride, but it wasn’t the great version.”

She adds that the “hard end” is over, the pains are lessening and she looks forward to returning to work “very soon”. The hostess insists on the fact that she does not want to fuel the social division that is currently hurting her, and also wanted to highlight the work of health workers, including her mother-in-law, nurse, Gloria.

“I’m home now, but I want to say hi to the health care workers who looked after me, put me through batteries of tests, and reassured me: Thank you…we need you so much. You have all my gratitude and respect. I believe in loneliness, especially when it’s Many of us are mentally ill. My only goal here is to say thank you.”

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