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Gilles Vignault, in turn, pulls his work from Spotify

Gilles Vignault, in turn, pulls his work from Spotify

After Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, it’s Jill Vignault’s turn to pull his work from online music platform Spotify, to protest the fact that this Swedish internet music giant also hosts Joe Rogan, the controversial American animator, accused of misinformation about COVID vaccines.

In a statement, singer-songwriter Gilles Vignolet said he supports the approach of Canadian popular singer-songwriters and artists Neil Young and johnny Mitchelland both platform breaker Over the past week for the same reasons. Backed by Tandem, his record label, Unborn is requesting that all of his titles be pulled from the digital store.

“I find, for my part, and have always found that when an artist from any known human culture sets a good example of civic rigor and intellectual rigor, there are compelling reasons to follow it, he says. So I find Neil Young and Joni Mitchell right to give us that example and it is an honor as much as It is fitting that we follow them in their rejection of the proven dangerous lies proclaimed by the galactic populist theorists. I therefore wholeheartedly support their bold approach, dictated by an ethics that is the true guardian of our ideas and values.”

More specifically, Vigneault, Mitchell, and Young are targeting disinformation conveyed by Joe Rogan in his audio files, including interviews with opponents of vaccines against the disease. COVID-19, discouraging young vaccinations and pressure for the use of an unauthorized treatment, ivermectin. According to AFP, Rogan was to sign a $100 million contract with Spotify, the person attracting top ratings out there.

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Spotify is trying to calm things down

In an effort to defuse the storm unleashed by Neil Young last week, Spotify CEO and Founder Daniel Eck has announced that all Spotify podcasts will now be Accompanied by information about COVID-19. He promised to take action “in the coming days.”

“Based on the feedback we have received over the past few weeks, it has become clear to me that we have an obligation to do more to provide balance and access to information that is widely accepted by the medical and scientific communities,” the Swedish billionaire said. Spotify, which has developed a lucrative network of online podcasts, released its rules of use on Sunday and says it is “testing ways” to give podcast creators a better indication of “what’s acceptable,” without directly mentioning punishment or exclusion.

Already, more than 200 American health professionals sounded the alarm after Joe Rogan had a much-loved anti-vaccine doctor, Robert Mallon, on his program. “They have a different opinion than the majority rhetoric” I wanted to hear, then explained Joe Rogan, claiming that above all he was “looking for the truth” and wanted “to have interesting conversations with people with different opinions.” However, he welcomed Spotify’s decision to add COVID-related information to all podcasts.

At the same time, the Spotify opt-out movement on social networks was born. Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle – who signed a $25 million deal with the platform – said on Sunday that they had expressed “concerns” to Spotify about the issue.

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