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Angelina Jolie: New tattoo heavy with meaning .. Brad Pitt still takes it up his rank!

Angelina Jolie: New tattoo heavy with meaning .. Brad Pitt still takes it up his rank!

New tattoo of the actress! Angelina Jolie, who has a crazy passion for colored skin, has a quote engraved with heavy meaning against her current status. While walking the streets of New York, the city where she chose to celebrate her birthday with her family – she celebrated her 46th birthday on June 4 – the heroine of the saga mischievous Filmed with bare arms. An opportunity to read Galileo’s famous sentenceHowever, it is moving“, which means in French”However, it is moving“.

Angelina Jolie is in the midst of a legal battle with Brad Pitt… and she is far from satisfied, because her ex has just obtained joint custody of the children despite her reluctance. Can’t you see the connection between the Italian scholar and this story? As a reminder, he said this sentence in 1633 when he was forced to reconsider his words, the one who scientifically proved that the earth revolves around the sun – and he was just saying! So this quote has become a reference for everyone who knows that they are right and that the truth will eventually come out.

A tattoo addict, Angelina Jolie is often inspired by her travels, charities, or even her children in choosing patterns. But her divorce went on for so long that it was inked in her head as much as it was on her arm. The actress refused to allow Brad Pitt to have more time with Zahara, 16, Shiloh, 15, Knox and Vivienne, 12 – Maddox, 19, is no longer interested in this problem. However, in May, justice ruled against her and promised: she will not forgive her ex-husband and do not intend to stop there. Among her concerns, the actress notably provoked physical and moral violent behavior on the part of her former companion. Continuation of the next episode…if we want to believe his new tattoo!

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