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Guilin Guay is discouraged by bureaucracy in a case with her son

Guilin Guay is discouraged by bureaucracy in a case with her son

Last Monday, Guilin Guay opened up about a situation she is currently in with the government bureaucracy and can’t stand it anymore. Former candidate for Celebrity Big Brother 2 She explains that she just learned that her son Clovis has lost his disability tax credit, even though he has autism and will always be nonverbal.

In fact, the radio collaborator in Veronique and fantasies She shared on her account that she once again has to prove her son’s disability, and the bureaucracy she has to deal with is discouraging her. She even made an Instagram call to Sophie Grégoire, wife of Canada’s prime minister, for her help.

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“To take the long and costly steps (fortunately well accompanied) to become Clovis’s trustee, naively believing that various authorities would understand that he is severely disabled and you learn today from a letter from the Canada Revenue Authority that Clovis lost his disability tax credit.
Clovis IS and will remain autistic and non-verbal.
You have to prove once again that he is still disabled.
Solidarity with parents like me who never stop filling out paperwork for the big machine which in turn doesn’t help us much.
Nothing annoys me more than bureaucracy.
And I would like to remind you that in between all these requests, we take care of our disabled children.
For a simpler and more generous structure ❤️
sophiegregoiretrudeau, can you help me? ❤️
#autism”, can we read under his publication.

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Therefore, it is up to her to bear the heavy burden of proving that her son is still disabled. Guylaine also shares in her video the (understanding) burnout she experiences working with bureaucracy. “I’m like a little bit on edge…a little bit.”

On Tuesday, the comedian and presenter updated her stance on her son Clovis and shared the progress of his application at what she called “the house of madness.”

In fact, Guylaine Guay said that after speaking to a Revenue Canada official, the advice the employee recommended to her for people who, like her, didn’t have the energy or time, could write a letter stating a lack of energy and time to repeatedly prove the existence of a loved one’s disability.

in Stories From Guylaine’s account, we can see many people who sympathize with her situation. It does not seem to be the only problem in such a situation.

We hope the sequel is simpler and wins its case!

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