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Android games from Google Play Store are landing on Windows in 2022

Android games from Google Play Store are landing on Windows in 2022

That’s it, Google will finally set out to beat Windows 11 in 2022…but only for games, at least for now.

That’s it, Android games will officially arrive on PC with the new Google Play Games app designed specifically for Windows.

From 2022, gamers will be able to experience their favorite games on Google Play on more devices by easily switching from their phones to tablets, Chromebooks, and PC soon.Greg Hartrell, Director of Games at Google, says in an interview with the edge.

The announcement comes a few months after Android apps began being integrated on Windows 11, Microsoft’s latest operating system. Barring that much to Google’s dismay, the company has partnered with Amazon to offer this feature. The result: users have to go through the Amazon Appstore to find their apps.

In practice, this means that they are deprived of a large part of these programs. Since Google Play offers about 3.5 million apps, the Amazon platform only offers about 500,000 apps. Very minimal menu, especially with regards to games. So the general public has been eagerly waiting for the historical giant of the mobile ecosystem to officially make its contribution.

Games first, then the rest of the catalog?

Because in the state, it is definitely possible to replace the Amazon App Store with the Google Store. But this involves many Heavy and boring handling; This means in particular going into Windows developer mode, shovel arrange guests And Many third-party programs. Too scary for less comfortable users.

So this is good news that should greatly simplify the process, at least for video games. It is also intriguing that Google is limited to entertainment rather than opening its entire catalog; The company doesn’t say if other apps will also be affected in the future or if it plans to stop playing games.

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The company states, however, that it will ownMore details to share about this product very soonWe should therefore be fixated on the finer details in the relatively near future.