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How to enable end-to-end encryption for your backup

How to enable end-to-end encryption for your backup

WhatsApp a few weeks ago started the gradual rollout of Comprehensive encryption for cloud backups. If the messages do not provide any details of the exact date of availability of the option, it appears that the posting is underway for French users.

It has already appeared in the app’s settings, on both iOS and Android. Thanks to him, the backup of the conversation history is encrypted before it is saved online to your iCloud (iOS) or Google Drive (Android) account, making it impossible for anyone without the password to access it. or encryption key. Learn how to set it up.

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1. Open Settings

Launch WhatsApp and go to Settings From the application (in Android, the options menu, represented by three small dots at the top right of the screen). Then enter the menu discussions and go to Support.

2. Enable end-to-end encrypted backup

Now access to the menu End-to-end encrypted backup and press the . button activation.

3. Protect your backup

In the window that appears, WhatsApp offers to protect the encrypted backup. Two options are available for this: Create a password where Use a 64-digit encryption key instead.

if you choose Create a passwordEnter your password for the first time and press next. Then confirm your password by entering it again and pressing again next. Finally, press the . button To make or to invent To start creating an end-to-end encrypted backup.

if you chooseUse a 64-digit encryption key instead, then press Generate a 64-digit key. When this appears on the screen, press to complete.

Write it down and keep it safe, press I typed in my 64-digit key Then the button To make or to invent.

Either way, you’ll need to remember your password or the generated encryption key so you can restore your backup in the future. If you forget your password or encryption key, your backup will be lost permanently and WhatsApp will not be able to do anything about it.

4. Disable end-to-end backup encryption

If, for some reason, you want to turn off end-to-end encryption from your backup, go to your WhatsApp settings, and enter discussions, then in Support enter to End-to-end encrypted backup.

Click on disable, enter the encryption password for your backup, and click Next.

Finally, press the . button disable then on is over. Before you activate the encryption of your WhatsApp backup, keep in mind that the platform cannot reset the password or encryption key, because it does not have a copy of it.

Depending on your choice, remember to note one or the other down somewhere safe. You will be prompted automatically when you restore your backup to a new smartphone or after resetting your device and reinstalling WhatsApp.

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