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An assignment report on open science and copyright

An assignment report on open science and copyright

The report analyzes:

• The legal framework Current “open science” policies regarding publishing scientific articles;

• Development proposals For this framework in France and within the European Union;

• The consequences of these developments on copyright, in particular the possibility of scholars and authors controlling the form in which their publications are made available.

After significant educational work that led to hearing from 37 people representing key players in the “Open Science” policy, the conclusions of the mission were presented during the CSPLA plenary session on 11 December 2023.

In the first part, the assignment questions the utility of different models of scientific publications that exist or are promoted in terms of “open science”. This analysis highlights that “Green Road” (Printed in a magazine and then, after the ban period, transferred to an archive open to the public for free) and “Golden Road” (Original open access thanks to publication funding by the author) It respects the interests of the scientist and the author, and appears sustainable as the sector develops.

In the second part, the message calls on us to direct thinking towards a more precise legal framework for models that alone seemed realistic, through: 16 recommendations It has been formulated with stakeholders – specialists in scientific publishing and public authorities. These proposals are embodied through legal mechanisms It aims to reconcile the imperatives of widespread dissemination of science and knowledge in the digital context, while respecting the basic principles of copyright.

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Annex_2_ADBU Contribution to the CSPLA Open Science Mission Report dated 11.12.2023.pdf

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