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Covid-19 may be responsible for lower IQ!

Covid-19 may be responsible for lower IQ!

One of the largest studies on the cognitive effects of Covid-19 reveals that the disease has a significant impact… on our IQ! Led by scientists fromImperial College London to nearly 113,000 Britons and published in the magazine New England Journal of MedicineIt reveals that people who recovered in less than a month experienced a loss of about 3 IQ points compared to uninfected people. This reduction reaches 6 points in patients suffering from symptomssymptoms Continuing three months after infection, and about 9 points for people who were hospitalized in intensive care!

A temporary decline but a worrying note

drop probably Temporary, because patients who gradually recover from persistent symptoms show only a small 3-point decrease in IQ. In addition, people with the Omicron variant who recover quickly do not show any decline in IQ. Despite everything, these results call for the utmost caution, believe the researchers, who fear serious consequences for public health, both because of its extremely large size. SpreadSpread of infection, as well as what its impact on the brain could mean, namely a possible increased risk of cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer's.

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