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An artist’s gift against cancer

An artist’s gift against cancer

Tahiti, November 2, 2023. On the occasion of the closing event of “Pink October” held in Baufai Park last Saturday, the President of the Anti-Cancer League – Polynesia Committee, Natasha Helme, received the hand of visual artist Hina Noi with a check for $30,000. francs, which is equivalent to a third of the sales of her “INKredibles Women” ink series dedicated to people suffering from cancer.

During the closing ceremony, Natasha Helme was kind enough to give us a short look at the month of October dedicated to the prevention of breast cancer, the number one cancer affecting women in Polynesia. “This year, the results are positive. The initiatives came spontaneously. We also saw that many municipalities were mobilized to the point of changing their logo and dressing it in the pink colors of October. It is certain that the more screening we conduct, the more women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, but screening is still not Very adequate, especially early detection. Regarding this donation, I thank Hina Noi as well as the many artists who were willing to participate in our approach, because these donations are mainly intended for our patients, but also for our healthy population. We focus especially on prevention and information, and all that Collecting it allows us to reach the population so that everyone has information about the disease and knows how to prevent it.

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