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Winter sports.  A Franco-Swiss handbook on the largest northern region in Central Europe

Winter sports. A Franco-Swiss handbook on the largest northern region in Central Europe

Tuesday, October 31, at the Franco-Swiss hotel in Arbeze, characterized by its cross-border privacy, Christophe Lebesgue, President of Jura Nordic Space, and Laurent Donzi, President of Romandie Ski des Fonds, signed the renewal of mutual agreements. The two federations that bring together the northern sites of the Jura Arc give the opportunity to skiers who pay their fees (France) or their annual pass (Switzerland) in their country to be able to ski freely on the other side of the border.

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A tourism document was published on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of this agreement. This booklet, Northern locations of the Franco-Swiss Jura Arc Provides a view of the entire north on the transboundary lands (description, elevation and activities). A map is also linked to this booklet to show the extent of the Jura block and the northern sector of this area. In addition, QR codes allow you to learn more about the sites in question. This very rich document will be distributed free of charge in tourist offices, sports shops as well as at major tourism fairs.

A good number of these paths cross borders cleared by the presence of snow. You can connect the Retored Plateau to Ain, with the Maish Doubs Plateau, on skis, when it snows. On the French side, the Grande Traversée du Jura (GTJ) includes several routes in cross-country skiing (185 km), snowshoeing (150 km) and even ski touring. On the Swiss side, the Traversée du Jura Suisse (TJS) connects Les Bugnenets-Savagnières to La Cure, 163 km outside the populated areas.

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Jura – First snowflakes on top of the Dole River

A layer of snow appeared this Thursday in the Jura region, at the top of Dole and in Les Taves. Elsewhere in Ross Station, the grass is still green.

With two days to go, snow is falling at the same time as last year in the section. In fact, on November 4, 2022, Primanon received its first snowflakes of last year, while the rest of Jura’s population dipped their feet in the water.

Similar scenario to today. However, to consider wearing skates, you will have to wait a bit! In the Jura-sur-Leman region, the planned opening is scheduled to take place on December 9.