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200 square meters of windows in the Morelais water area were torn out by Storm Kieran

200 square meters of windows in the Morelais water area were torn out by Storm Kieran

We continue to record the damage caused by Storm Ciaran. The Pays de Morlaix water area also suffered the brunt on the night of November 1 to 2. As Mark Dervall, its director, describes it in retrospect: “A stronger gust of wind than the other blew a hole in the end of one roof section, buckling the sheets. The wind rushed in, toppling the transparent partitions of one of the wall sections, and while it had to find an escape, I exploded even more when I got out.

As a result, “more than 200 square meters of the cellular polycarbonate partition were torn out, and some pieces of it were found more than 50 meters away.” Two days later for Ciaran, the results were astonishing: “We are now waiting for the experts to come. After assessing the damage, all deadlines must be met, according to a very precise schedule. While waiting for the rubble to be evacuated, we have secured the areas surrounding the site as much as possible, a measure that will be strengthened.” After passing a team from the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service (SDIS), one of whose roles is to analyze risks especially within an organization open to the public (ERP) like ours.

“A stronger storm than others blew a hole in the end of one section of the roof, causing the sheets to buckle.”

Reopening date unknown

Another aspect of the impact of a storm like Ciaran, which is undoubtedly one of the most annoying storms, is the cleaning up of dead leaves and plants. We will start the cleaning robot, because we need to keep the swimming pools clean. All of these tasks will take time, making the deadline for reopening the pools to the public an impossible date to determine.

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