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Allergies: pollen to expect pollen peaks!

Oh, spring. The sun returns, the terraces come to life, the trees bloom…and the accompanying pollen! For many, if spring is synonymous with renewal, the approach of summer also means the return of allergy season. If treatments exist and reduce their effects, it is often above all a promise of the weeks you spend suffering from the symptoms of pollen allergy. Fortunately, the city of Paris is thinking of its citizens who suffer from these seasonal afflictions! In fact, to better prevent pollen peaks and better anticipate, the sentinel pollen garden was opened.

Pollen, a natural way to fight pollen allergy

Pollen is a garden where all the species for which pollen is responsible for allergies are planted, specifically in a specific area. The purpose of this garden is simply to be able to observe plants and especially their pollen in a controlled environment. Thus, it is possible to directly measure pollen levels in the air especially in the early days ideally. With this information, the city can better report upcoming pollen peaks, thus helping to reduce the impact of allergies. Affected patients can then start taking their medication or prepare.

in This vaccineLocated within the Parc Floral de Paris in the Bois de Vincennes, gardeners observe and analyze the plants every day. The information collected is sent to allergy sufferers, allergists and anyone who wishes to sign up Pollen newsletter. But it is also possible to visit the garden and learn about the different plants and their pollen, but also and above all how the peak pollen alert system works! By the way, visiting is not restricted to non-allergic people, as the pollen levels in the park are controlled and low.

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Between the two peaks of pollen, feel free to admire the most beautiful spring-blooming trees in Paris!