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An annihilation company offers its services on the doors without a permit

An annihilation company offers its services on the doors without a permit

The municipal administrations of Quebec and Lévis are warning citizens of Insight Pest, which goes door to door selling exterminator services and products, without having the necessary permits to do so.

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Over the past few weeks, representatives of this company, some of whom also file as Insight Canada, have been walking around the doors of, among others, Lévis, Limoilou, Saint-Émile and Lac-Saint-Charles, where pesticide spread is strictly prohibited by City.

However, the company does not hold a Quebec City permit, nor a Levy’s permit, to require the permit at the doors.

According to several testimonies from citizens I collected NewspaperTheir approach is much the same, they claim one or more of their next door neighbors have carpenter ant problems and they’ve purchased a remedy to get rid of them. Thus they offer the resident a preventive treatment to avoid the spread in the home. In addition, their “promotion” is only valid on the same day.

The author of this lines even had a visit from one of their representatives a few weeks ago, claiming the same problem with the neighbors in the back. However, after checking, no neighbor has this kind of injury. Moreover, they also claim that they got a visit from the representative of this company who gave them the same presentation.


When asked about this way of doing things, known exterminators in Quebec indicated that it was not an “acceptable” practice in the field, as we were told every customer has a right to confidentiality.

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“There are some who have problems with rats, mice, fleas, bugs, etc. If you go to the next neighbor and mention it, it does not respect confidentiality at all. It is not permissible. I will not accept that someone does that on our team,” he affirmed. For his part, Stephen Bolduc, owner of EBM parasite management inc.


Moreover, eight complaints have been filed against this company over the past two years, with the Office of Consumer Protection (OPC), regarding “various items that appeared misleading or offensive in the eyes of consumers,” says the agency’s spokesperson, Charles Tanguay.

The company also received a notification of the violation from OPC last January, as it carried out the operations of roving merchants, without obtaining the required permit. Since then, Insight Pest has had this permit, but without retaining the cities of Levis and Quebec for door-to-door transportation, which is also mandatory.

Consequently, Insight Beast is liable to fines of up to $2,000.

The municipal departments of Quebec and Lévis encourage residents to ask to see the permit, or obtain the permit number issued by the city, when visiting a street vendor. “If the latter refuses to grant the citizen’s request, the latter is invited to call 911 to report the situation,” said Tommy Bernier, a Quebec City spokesman.

In addition, Insight Pest has a permit to sell or use pesticides issued by the Ministry of Environment.

call him Newspaper, The Montreal-based company did not return our calls.