Back to school is the time parents dread the most. Fortunately, there are 6 financial aid. However, in order to obtain it, of course, It is necessary to comply with the standards required by the payment agencies. To get an idea of ​​what you can get your hands on, here are some guides not to be missed.

The first 3 financial aids are not to be missed

The first financial aid is the back-to-school allowance. It is intended for families with children who attend school at home.. CAF primarily grants ARS to families in difficulty. Income ceilings depend on the number of dependent children.

Then there too Personal housing assistance. As its name suggests, APL aims to pay beneficiaries rents. Beneficiaries include students, families, tenants and sub-tenants.

On the list of financial aid to claim at the start of the school year, You can also count on rewarding activity. This is an additional help for low-income employees. Work-study students may be eligible provided they meet the age and residence requirements.

The last 3 core bonuses are budget relief at the start of the school year

To begin the school year, eligible recipients may also be entitled to a Home services tax credit. In fact, this premium makes it possible to fund the costs of a home-based service provider.

Then, among the back-to-school financial aid, There are also CROUS scholarships. These scholarships are very important for students. They depend on the parents’ income and the step set by Crow. The amount of help depends on these social norms.

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Finally, the passport. This financial support helps children enroll in sports clubs by reducing fees. The goal is to promote exercise from an early age.

In addition to these six financial aids, there are other aids that are not known to the population. Local help, support for technological equipment and aid from associations are all resources that should not be neglected at the start of the school year.