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Almodóvar criticizes short withdrawal of upcoming movie poster on Instagram

Almodóvar criticizes short withdrawal of upcoming movie poster on Instagram

Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar warned Thursday against misuse of algorithms after a short Instagram pull of the poster for his upcoming film “Madris Parallillas”, which represents the nipple.

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In a text posted on Instagram, Spanish actress Penelope Cruz, who stars in “Madres paralelas,” thanked netizens and the media for their “success in ensuring that the brains behind the algorithm that decides what is obscene and offensive or not? Backup and allow the poster to circulate.” freely.”

The poster shows a black and white nipple from which a drop of milk dangles, inside an eye on a red background, giving the impression that the eye is crying.

This poster was briefly pulled from the social network on Monday when it was first published for not complying with the “rules of use”, sparking controversy on social networks and media in Spain.

The director warned that “we must be vigilant before machines decide what we can and cannot do,” adding that “whatever information an algorithm has, he will not have a good heart or sense,” because “the algorithm is not human.”

Instagram had expressed “sorry” for this incident on Wednesday, via the voice of its parent company, Facebook.

“We initially removed several posts bearing this image for violating our nudity rules,” a Facebook spokesperson told AFP.

“However, we make exceptions to allow nudity in certain cases, such as when there is a clear artistic context. Therefore, we have taken back the posts sharing the Almodóvar movie poster on Instagram, and we are very sorry for any confusion,” the spokesperson added.

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Instagram is regularly flagged for automatic photo removal under its very strict nudity and anti-pornography policy.

The app claims that its rules have evolved and become more “accurate”, to make exceptions when it comes to nudity when it comes to, for example, breastfeeding or nudity at events or in art.

Madres Paralelas, set to be shown on September 10 in cinemas in Spain, will open the 78th Venice Film Festival, where it will compete, from September 1 to 11.