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La casa de papel : une actrice fait tomber le haut et prend la pose, elle embrase totalement la Toile

The lead actress drops the top and stands up, setting fire to the web

La casa de papel: she became a real planetary star thanks to her participation in the .’s house paperEsther Acebo is once again taking a very noticeable look this Tuesday, August 10. After being shown sans clothes, the famous Hispanic actress plays today in a half size. In fact, the cartoon planets actress hits the situation without the top. pictures that objection It’s back to you in great detail.

a house paper : Esther cebu Totally intoxicating on the web

silent audience

Almost unknown a few years ago, Esther cebu She quickly managed to conquer the hearts of the public outside the Spanish borders. After appearing several times in several Iberian productions, his role was in Stockholm the .’s house paper It would actually allow her to meet planetary fame. Thanks to this unparalleled exhibition, it is here today that is driven among the stars. Followed by nearly 6 million Followers on his account Instagram, the thirty-something awesome never stops turning all heads with every aspect of it.

The young Madrilenian has always been very generous with her community, and she also totally understands how to attract all eyes. On social networks, the beautiful thirty-year-old woman is already multiplying the opportunities to discover her amazing figure and angelic face. for this news Publishing, Esther cebu again very Fort. The former “robber”, installed casually on the banks of the river, appears in a light outfit. If she appears in 2020 without the slightest piece of tissue on her body, a star the .’s house paper Repeat the experiment in this month of August. But this time, she’s taking some extra precautions. A cliché that clearly did not leave her community indifferent always with impatience to find her, whatever the circumstances.

real poll

Thanks to his role in the .’s house paper, Esther Cebu is now experiencing a meteorite rise. Each of these appearances in the press, on television or on social networks are numerous opportunities for power. a fan Its beautiful shape. This time, the top star drops as well. Accompanied by her two dogs for the occasion, she appears to be enjoying this moment of relaxation at the edge of a stream whose name he does not speak. Absolutely radiant, the actress of Netflix’s most popular series offers a simple taste of heaven. It didn’t take much to start a real torrent of positive feedback.

For this post from Esther cebuInternet users are somewhat reactive. an actress the .’s house paper Thus it collects nearly 300,000 likes and hundreds of like comments. In all languages ​​and in all countries, his fans are wild. Also, some do not hesitate to make the most flattering comparisons while others allow themselves to be made. fact love declarations. Reviews in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese are unanimous. A real masterstroke from a young woman who is clearly very comfortable with her skin. It must also be recognized that Esther cebu He has every reason to be happy you see objection.

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La Casa de Papel: International Glory

Since the discovery of the young woman in the .’s house paperHis life is like a true fairy tale. After being nominated as Best Actress in Union des Acteurs et des Actrices in 2018, the beautiful blonde continued to arouse the interest of professionals in the profession, as well as the public. On the web, the young woman also offers to discover her own world that can be summed up in an inordinate love of life and nature. Clearly so associated with the nautical element, it effectively doubles down on the looks at the water’s edge in the always-fantastic landscape.

Totally radiant, Esther Asebo isn’t cold in her eyes. From Dubai, on the beaches of Brazil or in her native country, the star continues to focus goals on her beautiful person. In a swimsuit or evening dress, the result is always the same: The audience was won. Fully aware of her incredible force of gravity, she Instagram And so it looks like a real fashion show in places usually Paradise A life far from everyday life. Today, he became a world star thanks to the .’s house paper, serial It allowed him to see the future from a new perspective. Nothing now seems capable of slowing this crazy ascent to even greater and astonishing success.