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Alex Kovalev admits that he suffers from the same addiction as Jonathan Drouin

– amazing..

– Alex Kovalev admits …

– that he was suffering from the same addiction as Jonathan Drouin.

It’s a video game…

“When I got to the NHL, I was crazy. I had a Super Nintendo with cartridges that we changed all the time. I had — and I don’t lie — about 35 or 40 games on the floor. When I got up in the morning, I ate breakfast while I played, and sometimes I was late for practice.” Just to complete the level.

After training, I played again for 5-6 hours, ate something, and then played again late at night sometimes. It was really bad for me. It got to the point where it affected my game.

I don’t sleep, I forgot things I had to do on the ice. It was like you were brain dead and you couldn’t remember what you used to do normally.

At first I thought maybe I was tired and needed more sleep. Then I realized that sitting on the bench I sometimes think about the game on the computer, and not about hockey.

Then I realized it was going in the wrong direction. At some point I came home, unplugged it and threw it away. I didn’t touch it at all until my kids were born.

Jonathan Drouin could also solve video game problems.

– But a little too late?

– In the end… he would have ruined his career in Montreal…

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