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NHL: Paul Morris warns Sergei Bobrovsky to sleep well

Florida Panthers head coach Paul Morris is certainly pleased with the outcome of their opener against the Toronto Maple Leafs, a 4-2 win, but the indiscipline was broached at a news conference.

His team conceded four penalties during the match, compared to just one for the Torontoans. The Panthers’ punitive kill unit has kept Maple Leafs players in check.

However, Morris appears to have already resigned himself to the idea of ​​seeing more of his players in the penalty area rather than the Canadian team’s rival.

“We have accepted the fact that we will be more in the penalty area than the opposition. Simply because it has been the case for the last eight matches. So tell Sergei to sleep well,” said Paul Morris.

While Bobrovsky had 34 saves in the victory, against Ilya Samsonov he allowed four goals on 28 shots. The Leafs goaltender has already noticed some differences in the style of play between the Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round.

“There’s more traffic in front of me, sometimes with three or four players. They’re dangerous coming back, but I’m not surprised they play like that,” Samsonov said.

“They are strong and I don’t know if they will get enough credit for that. They have a good team and great players,” said Luke Shane.

It remains to be seen what adjustments the two teams will make in the second game of the series on Thursday.