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After the Meta, YouTube announces its AI policy

After the Meta, YouTube announces its AI policy

YouTube will now ask creators to select some artificial intelligence (AI) generated content, but not all of the time.

Following in Meta's footsteps, YouTube announced its new policy on identifying AI-generated content in a statement on Monday.

Creators will not be required to label anything involving generative AI on the platform. Only “content that has been edited or composited when it appears realistic or meaningful” should be identified as such according to YouTube's policy.

When this information is not disclosed, in some cases, YouTube will voluntarily and permanently label videos.

Videos from creators who repeatedly make undisclosed uses of AI may be removed or suspended from YouTube's compensation program.

However, unlike Meta which has already started cracking down, YouTube intends to give creators a grace period. The changes will be visible in “the coming weeks,” but the platform plans to give “our community time to adapt to the new processes.”

What will be determined?

“We will not ask creators to disclose whether generative AI has been used for productivity, such as generating scripts, content ideas, or automated captions,” the statement issued Monday said.

Therefore, it will not be necessary to confirm whether the artwork was made by humans or machines. Creators will also not need to disclose the use of AI when “artificial media is unrealistic and/or changes are not significant.”

For example, “A person riding a unicorn through a fantasy world” is listed as an example that would not require definitions.

In contrast, imitating the voice or image of a real person must be defined as such.

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