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Google Chrome 123 introduces two very practical new functions

Google Chrome 123 introduces two very practical new functions

Updates to Chrome, Google's web browser, keep coming with their share of fixes but they also sometimes welcome new functionality like in this version 123.

Google has taken it upon itself to improve its favorite browser Chrome on a very regular basis. And so, on March 19, 2024, the Mountain View giant began publishing the all-new version, number 123, for Windows, macOS, and Linux. In the release notes accompanying this latest release, Google indicates that it has patched at least 12 vulnerabilities. But above all, the company offers two new, very practical functions. The first is for everyone — and there are many — who use Chrome on multiple devices with their Google account. Just as Microsoft offers with Edge or Apple with Safari, Chrome now lets you find recently opened tabs on all computers or mobile devices connected to the same Google user account. Therefore, the tab open in Chrome on PC can simply be retrieved from Chrome on macOS, Android or iOS. A list of visited websites is now displayed instantly once you open a new tab. A very practical function to continue navigating more easily between the different computers, tablets and smartphones used for navigation. However, we have not yet been able to take advantage of it on our various iOS and Android smartphones, as the update to Chrome 123 has not been rolled out to these devices yet.

Another new feature is the appearance of a revised mini media player. It was already present in the previous version. But in a less modern version. Here, tapping on the music note icon located near the extension icons will display the player which now adopts the Android style. The progress bar also has a small wave movement during playback. The Cast button remains there to send playback of content to a ChromeCast-compatible device, and another button to its right lets you detach the video in picture-in-picture mode to continue playback in a small window. Be careful, if you close the latter, reading will stop suddenly.

These new functions are already integrated into Chrome 123 but are not necessarily active for everyone. They will most likely be in the coming days. Impatient people can also activate it from Chrome's experimental functions menu by entering crhome://flags in the browser's address bar. seek Tab resume module via NTP devices To enable tab persistence Updated UI for global media controls To enjoy your new mini media player.

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