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Elon Musk is convinced that his huge rocket will reach Mars within 5 years

Elon Musk is convinced that his huge rocket will reach Mars within 5 years

Elon Musk has often ventured to make predictions, which have regularly proven wrong. Despite everything, the American billionaire made another promise: according to him, the Starship rocket will be on Mars in five years.

Elon Musk is no stranger to predictions, even though they are sometimes risky. We've seen this in autonomous driving, promised for years and never delivered. Tesla has been promising this breakthrough for ten years. We also see this in other fields, such as artificial intelligence, which is expected to surpass human intelligence in 2025.

In space, too, Elon Musk's predictions fail from time to time. The Falcon Heavy's inaugural flight is a case in point: it was initially scheduled for 2013. It will eventually take place in February 2018, five years later. The same applies to the tourist flight around the moon, scheduled for 2018. In 2024, it has not yet been done.

Elon Musk says the spacecraft will land on Mars within 5 years

In this context, it is appropriate to welcome The last promise From an American billionaire. In a response posted on X (formerly Twitter), Elon Musk stated on March 16 that “ The spacecraft will be on Mars within five years. » This horizon was made clear as the spacecraft made significant progress during its third test on March 14.

In the past, SpaceX has discussed the idea of ​​getting to Mars very early, but without being able to stick to its timeline. In particular, there was talk of carrying out a pilot mission Towards the red planet in 2018. The deadline was then postponed to 2020. Ultimately, the “Red Dragon” program – that was its name – never materialized.

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Aiming for the moon is not aiming for Mars.  // Source: Flickr/CC/NASA/JPL-Caltech/USGS/Kevin M. Gill (cropped image)
Mars is a much tougher target, including SpaceX. // source : Flickr/CC/NASA/JPL-Caltech/USGS/Kevin M. Gill (cropped image)

So far, SpaceX's only successful Mars mission took place in 2018, but this did not involve sending a rocket to Mars. The mission, which was organized during the first flight of the Falcon Heavy vehicle in 2018, aims to launch a Tesla Roadster to the Red Planet, and it is a successful mission. Landing was not scheduled.

It is undeniable that the challenge that Elon Musk poses to himself today regarding spacecraft is much greater in complexity than sending an object through the orbit of the Red Planet. If reaching Mars is one thing, landing is another. However, currently, the spacecraft does not have this base. This has not yet been achieved on the ground.

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