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Adele and Rich Paul are finally living together... Kourtney Kardashian broke her engagement ring...

Adele and Rich Paul are finally living together… Kourtney Kardashian broke her engagement ring…

12 May 2022

Lord launched his radio station on Sonos

Lord She now has her own radio on the Sonos streaming service. The singer has already announced her partnership with the site, revealing that fans will be able to “get into his brain” by listening to the song “SOLARSYSTYM.”

“It’s a bunch of shapes, bound together by gravity, and a handful of planets, and dozens and more dwarf planets, and countless little rocks. They all reflect sunlight. These are the shapes that have changed my course for the better. Everything from the sounds I made My parents are from the very sick CD tower, to the songs I picked up from YouTube when I was a very blistered teenager, to the recordings I make entirely because they changed the way I think and feel…” she explained in a news release quoted NME.

Among the artists we can listen to on SOLARSYSTYM, J Dilla, Cocteau Twins or even Radiohead.

Big drama when Kourtney Kardashian broke her engagement ring

Adele and Rich Paul are finally living together – and it’s going well!

between Adele and companion Rich BowlIt is happiness. It is in any case what stems from the past Pictures The star posted it on Instagram, where we see her move into the $58 million grand mansion where they will now live together.

“Time flies,” she captioned the photo series, “Le Temps Passe.” The couple appears on the photos very complicit, confirming the last words of the singer, who announced that he had found great love. “You have found the right person. Enjoy it,” we can read in the last photo of the series. of any act!

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