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Accused by clickblogs: “I never wanted to fight with a pro, it’s ridiculous,” says Patrick Roy

Rimouski | Quebec Remparts coach Patrick Roy has denied being involved in a brawl with a Rimouski Oceanic fan during game no. 3 in the series, Tuesdays at Sun Life Financial Coliseum.

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Images of Roy berating someone in the stands on Tuesday have gone viral online in the past few hours. Some sites even took the opportunity to make catchy headlines, with one even going so far as to suggest that Roy tried to fight with an Oceanic fan.

“I never wanted to fight with a fan, it’s ridiculous, he reacted on Wednesday morning. At no point did I speak to a supporter.”

The sequence occurred at the end of the third period after the goal was disallowed by the Remparts. Roy claims his gaze was directed towards the goalkeeper, who is at the top of the stands.

“At first, I was looking at Ray [Cloutier, le descripteur des matchs des Remparts] to see if he has seen the footage. Then I looked at the goal referee. The Oceanic player had his hands on the puck and there should have been a penalty shot,” he defended himself.

Roy laments the fact that fans can hop merrily behind his seat during meetings. A similar sequence was also captured during Tuesday’s game, where we see two fans, cell phones in hand, approach Roy and film him while the game is in progress.