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“A solar eclipse is an event to be admired, not feared.”

“A solar eclipse is an event to be admired, not feared.”

Q&A: Is retinal damage permanent?

R.C. The injury occurs without pain because the retina does not contain pain sensors. The actual resulting loss of function occurs after approximately 12 hours. Usually, the day after the solar eclipse, the victim notices that he cannot see the details of his face in the bathroom mirror, or that he cannot read the newspaper, etc.

If exposed to a dose slightly higher than the prescribed dose, the damage can be reversed, but only after several weeks or months. According to statistics on eye damage associated with a solar eclipse that have accumulated over the years, more than 50% of those affected eventually regain their sight. However, others may experience somewhat reduced vision once the retina heals.

QS: During previous total eclipses, such as the 2017 eclipse in the United States, you recorded eye damage in about 100 people out of 215 million observers. Is this correct?

R.C. Yes, that's our best guess. This is based on reports received by various groups of eye care professionals in the weeks and months following this eclipse. I have personally received some reports of eye injuries, but the specialists I consulted considered them all to be minor. As far as I remember, none of these patients had any lasting after-effects.

QS I have observed approximately 30 eclipses. What do you think about the reluctance of school centers and authorities to do so?

R.C. I think the school authorities in Ontario and Quebec are trying to evade their responsibilities. When exploring the Universe Canada and other astronomer departments have an essay to inform their stories and provide information about the sunshine, the cars continue to work on the materials provided or under supervision to view the solar oil. Safely.

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The April 8 eclipse will be my 30thH Solar eclipse and I'm 20H Total eclipse! I find it unfortunate that governments are avoiding taking advantage of this event, one of nature's most amazing, to better educate the public about science, the scientific method, and the beauty of this phenomenon. A solar eclipse is an event to be admired, not feared.