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Make room for emerging journalists in Couthures-sur-Garonne

Make room for emerging journalists in Couthures-sur-Garonne

For some, the night was a long one in Couthures-sur-Garonne, spent under a starry sky as festival-goers and Couthurens and speakers continued their exchange in the lively village of the evening. The show ended with a story show by Yannick Gaolin, and then a concert by Florian Teuso in the center of the village. Others manage to attend the outdoor cinema, or enjoy moonlight meetings. On the morning of Saturday 10 July, the International Press Festival opened its doors for its second day. Some were mobilized from 9 in the morning for a task of paramount importance: playing the role of junior reporters.

The Children’s Editorial Team organizes every year, and welcomes groups of children from 5 to 17 years old in the morning and afternoon, who, for one, two or three days (approximately), become confirmed journalists. In the Couthures school, they are organized into several groups according to their ages: “mini editorial” For children aged 5-6, who set out to explore the village and make a travel diary, “Little Editor” With children aged 7 to 12, who give interviews to speakers, participate in cartoonish journalistic workshops or even go to “chasing signatures” in Couthures. At the end of the day, this group produces “small world”, sold at public auction in the streets of the village. Finally, the “A great opening” This year it presents children aged 13-17 with a workshop on Snapchat, designing video journalistic content.

Some children come from several years ago. Like Salome, 9, and her brother Adam, 13, they are on vacation with their grandparents in Cowthorne. Others are learning the profession of a journalist for the first time, like 12-year-old Rafael. His parents came to listen to the discussions at the festival, while the boy took the opportunity to discover a fun workshop. “We meet people who have special jobs” tells Baby, who gave an interview this morning with Sophie Maceo, a blind journalist and author. “I really liked that people with disabilities could do so many jobs” Standing next to fellow reporter and reporter trainees, Rafael describes the school yard. One of the pictures that will illustrate the evening version of “small world”.

Sophie Maceo, blind journalist and author, with children from

“I like to ask questions to people you don’t usually meet.”

Many of the speakers played their part and used their participation in the festival to change their roles. Former journalist and politician Noel Mammer, Brigitte Gautier, President of the L214 Association, and Nicolas Flosch, contemporary artist and photographer, have become the subjects of interest for enthusiastic young journalists.

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Natasha Poloni also came to school on Saturday morning to answer journalists’ questions from the temporary editorial staff. Journalist and Managing Editor Marian On July 9, he participated in a discussion entitled Popular TV or media populism? “ Together with Audrey Boulevard, Vice Mayor of Paris and journalist.

“Bathroom amenities include hair dryer and complimentary toiletries?” “ Do you prefer print media, radio or television? “ asks the group of kids from the small editorial team who chose to order Natasha Poloni from the list of suggested speakers. After she participates in the exercise, the interview concludes with a photo with the mini reporters, in front of some Kothur chickens. “I like to ask questions to people we don’t usually meet, we are interested in their jobs” Comments Gabriel, 13, from Dole, in Jura.

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popular auction

A few steps away, in the schoolyard, a group of 7-8 year old cartoonists are busy preparing the drawing that will be published in today’s edition. They came from Bordeaux, from the Bastide Queres entertainment center. “The principle is to open the reception of children to fathers who did not come”, Raphalle Auboin, one of the facilitators, explains.

In the afternoon, a new children’s session is presented. Many of them flock to the school yard to take part in this course. In a classroom, Lily and Marie, 10, and Mylene, 9, seriously question philosopher Catherine Larrier, before going into their conversations about questions “The collapse of our civilization”And the ‘Trust in science’ And the The role of the public in science She tells young journalists who quickly write down her words.

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“We learn and understand a lot of things and then share them in the magazine” Excited Laila reveals when she leaves the workshop. Marie, she’s so glad she’s there “I took orders” From the newspaper to the morning workshop. If the collections are quickly created thanks to the topics chosen by the management team, one of them is completed in a few minutes: the newspaper is auctioned. At the end of the afternoon, the streets of Cowthorne hear a thud of small voices cheering “Ask for the small world!” “ Under the entertaining look of the festival-goers.

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