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A quarrel with one of his colleagues cost him his position in the KHL

A quarrel with one of his colleagues cost him his position in the KHL

Alexander Radulov is an excellent hockey player. Montreal (Quebec) people know this all too well.

However, Radulov is a unique human being. He often changes clubs over the years due to circumstances affecting him, whether in terms of his contract, behavior or performance.

And this year, his position is toying with him.

While he is his team’s top scorer in KHL (Kazan), Radulov does not play these days. It’s strange at first glance to notice that he has 15 points in 22 games with a bad team.

However, this can be explained by the fact that he would not exactly be the best teammate on earth and that he would have physical altercations with his teammates. He allegedly paid a player a month ago and another incident happened recently.

consequences? It was set aside by him Fitness Traineraccording to the website Markerszone.

Most recently, he’s been ice skating in training with a T-shirt showing that he’s not exactly about to get back in the game, and so he’s, in a way, on the verge of punishment.

This is what we can read on sport24.

The first time he got into a quarrel, Radulov saw his coach “defending his passion”, but now he did not pass. Therefore, without Radu, Kazan defeated a large team of the KHL team, Naftekhemek.

This can cause it Previous CH can continue to be excluded Short term.

It is also important to note that there is a history between Oleg Zenaruk (KHL Radu coach) and the player. In 2016, Radulov was not taken to the Hockey World Cup “because he was injured”, but we understand that there is more.

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In May 2016, he refused to go to the World Championship and at the time of the World Cup was about to sign the Canadian.

Does it all play a role when it comes to asking why Radu doesn’t currently play in the KHL? That might be part of the equation, in fact.

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