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Michelle Terrain's warning to Canadians

Michelle Terrain’s warning to Canadians

To say Mike Hoffman is going through a tough season is an understatement.

After nine games, the No. 68, who has used roughly 14 minutes per game on average, has one goal and one assist only. While his career has always depended on quality shooting, Kitchener’s original skater also fired just 17 small rounds.

At the age of 32, the striker showed clear signs of slowing down. But while Jonathan Drouin and Evgeny Dadonov were disqualified on Saturday for poor performances, Hoffman still slipped the ax.

During a discussion between Jean-Charles Lagoy and the Canadians’ former coach Michel Terrain, the “Hoffmann Affair” was dissected at length by the two men, and Terrain was particularly eloquent.

Watch the full exchange in the main video.

“You’d better start playing hockey! When you make acquisitions to try to improve your club, you can’t get to 1000. In Hoffmann’s case, that’s exactly wrong, according to what he’s shown us so far.

Then the former CH coach issued a warning to the organization about former Senators, Blues and Panthers.

“Basically, having a guy like Hoffman isn’t that bad, because all the teams in the ring have players like him. But we shouldn’t make the mistake of playing with him stubbornly, especially if he’s replacing a youngster who is willing to grow in training.

«Hoffman, il va falloir qu’il s’enlève les doigts du nez et qu’il commence à produire, parce que je ne voudrais pas qu’il enlève des opportunités aux espoirs de l’équipe, que an ce née soit cette the future.”

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At the end of the current season, Mike Hoffman will have one season left on his contract. Its impact on payroll would be $4.5 million.