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His players no longer listen to him and he was asked if he expected to be sent off

His players no longer listen to him and he was asked if he expected to be sent off

I love Halloween because I love the fact that it’s a candy party. Having said that, I’ll admit I don’t like dressing up. It’s not my forte.

If I had to, I’d probably dress up like Jim V the desk, He’s the one disguised as Dave.


Having said that, if I lived in Toronto I would probably make an exception. Maybe I’ll dress up as a Leafs fan. or as a journalist get over of leaves. Or as a Leafs player. or drive leafs.

why? Because the whole point of Halloween is to scare… and if Sheldon faced how, he’d probably be scared of me and what I might say to him.

No, things are not going well for the Maple Leafs coach now. last night, He lost his club again And this time it was against the Ducks, a low-key club.

yesterday, Leafs were behind CH in the standings And this morning, that’s still true. The Canadian scored another victory and a delayed game over his rivals at the end of the 401s.

(credit: RDS)

The Leafs have lost their last four games and are the worst active streak of its kind in the NHL. Here we are talking about defeats against the three clubs in California and Vegas.

We are also talking about the same club that lost at the beginning of the season against the Canadians and the Kyats.

At the moment things are crying a lot on the Toronto side and all the criticism (mainly) is for the club’s coach. Yesterday was no exception in the match against the ducks.

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In fact, for now, every good opportunity to criticize Keefe.

While he requested a timeout (which was disputed due to 11 minutes remaining in the game), Nick Robertson can be seen as the only player listening Fitness Trainer.

The others don’t… and William Nylander, at some point, turns around. Honestly.

The players themselves seem to have lost the North. after every thing, Even if Mitch Marner asserts that “the situation was worse last year.” And that the club is confident that he will succeed in not mixing, it smells not good. Marner also left his bench After he was demoted by him Fitness Trainer.

All is well for the club, which has fallen behind in all 10 games this season.

In fact, he doesn’t smell so good that how is he publicly asked if he’s afraid of losing his job. It happened yesterday at a press conference after the loss to Anaheim.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s right to ask him or not or it doesn’t matter what it is Fitness Trainer, Obviously, he must be afraid of his job. He might not worry about it in public, but…

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After all, last year he couldn’t get past the first round in the playoffs. Nor last year. The Car- Ah, I got the principle this morning.

On Twitter, he started talking about the fact that at least Mike Babcock was able to rate his club. He also talks about the fact that we should not pass up the opportunity to hire Barry Trotz.

Remember, Trotz is open to leading a team among the original six, but the Red Wings, Blackhawks, Rangers, Bruins and Canadiens are not looking for a coach.

The Flyers, Bruins, and Hurricanes (in the Carolinas) will be the club’s first three competitors. Will Keefe get a chance to lead all three matches? Will you help go home the club?

If Austin Matthews continues to score at the same pace as Christian Dvorak, he could sweat his coach, who can only say Jake Muzin and Matt Murray are injured.

Will his general manager Kyle Dupas, who himself was at the end of his contract, move in to help out his coach? To show him the door?

In my opinion, the coach will already be changed and Trotz, the man who lived everything in hockey, would be the ideal choice. With Mike Babcock’s contract expiring…

I don’t know how much he wants back to hockey now, but if he really wants the job in Toronto, he (maybe) now or never, right?

Many of

– There was excitement in Arizona yesterday. Will it last or not, do you think?

– Clearly.

Talking about a Canadian club that needs to do more.

– Race to watch.

Logic was respected.