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Ryan Boehling won't let him down

Ryan Boehling won’t let him down

Ryan Poehling’s story over the past few weeks calls for it to be discovered as a disgrace. After working hard and spending a good season with Rocket last year, he got a real chance to be part of the big list of clubs. That luck, he spoiled with more camp than usual.

It’s a shame for him, given that he’s young, he probably has some potential, and that he seemed – in the eyes of some – capable of preparing for the National League.

but not. His status allows the organization to drop him to Laval at any time without consequences. This is the option she chose to start the season.

However, Poehling is not allowed to be defeated. This afternoon, the 22-year-old American spoke with Anthony Marcotte, who covers the Canadian School Club. During camp, he scored no points in five games, finished by -2 and received four minutes of penalty kicks – and says he realizes he missed his shot.

His justification is that he felt “hesitating” throughout his time with Al Kindi, and thus during the preparatory calendar. If he hadn’t explicitly mentioned her yet, let’s say she appeared on the ice, as his stats attest.

We can understand it, and we felt it in such a situation. The camp went a little weird: We’re talking about 70 invited players, several injured regulars, and modified triples. It is not necessarily a stable and reassuring environment, but in this kind of situation we have to take our place.

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Poehling got his chance, and threw it in the trash. It’s his fault, and there’s no outside factor to blame.

If there is anything positive to learn from this story, it is that his addition to the Rocket raises the caliber of the roster, which already has several excellent names for the MLS – Including many residents of Quebec.

On the other hand, it must also be admitted that his dismissal from Laval is not necessarily final. If he proves himself and for some reason no longer works with the Montreal offensive team, the former Saint Cloud state can wear the blue-white-red uniform this season.

But for this to happen, there must be chaos in the big club. After all, CH decided to start its campaign with 15 strikers under their arm.

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